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Hot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC Decking 
Other Information: $****
Series: PVC
Material: PVC
Color: teak color +white strips
Thickness: 5mm
Model: PVC0003

Brand Name NEKEKE
Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Warranty 10 years
Color Coffee color and wood color as in the listing photos
Weight 30KGS/roll
Material PVC
Thickness 5mm
Size Length 2500cm x width 5cm (Length can be customized)
MOQ 1 roll
Certification SGS /CE
Application Boat,yachts, on swimming pools, balconies, spas, pontoons, terraces.

Product Description:

Our Synthetic teak deck flooring is made of Grade A pvc + Additive,such as :
Anti-uv agent, An-ti oxidant etc. It can be used for both interior and exterior,
mainly used for boat and yacht ,ship deck covering.

It looks like the real teak but need very little maintenance, which saves us much time and money.
It's easy to look after & it doesn't lose its good looks to the harsh conditions & sunlight. It can
be fixed to almost any surface including GRP,steel & timber. Due to it's very subtle textured surface
exterior & flexibility of the compound you will discover that Synthetic teak decking is impressively
no slip - Even when getting wet~ It's very easy to install, normal PVC flooring glue will be all that needed.

1.Zero or Low maintenance
2.Costs less than real teak decking
3.UV and Stain resistant
4.weighs much less than real teak decking
5.reduced installation difficulty and time
6.super high non-skid qualities
7.Thermal insulation and sound dampening
8.Longer Lifeaces


1.High waterproofing low endothermic nature
2.Light weight , but reasonable structure, so not easier to crack
3.Natural wood appearence, easy installation, just use the adhesive
4.Safe for bare feet, No craking, warpling and splitting

Hot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC DeckingHot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC DeckingHot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC DeckingHot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC DeckingHot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC DeckingHot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC DeckingHot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC Decking

Hot salling Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak PVC Decking


1.I have just had boat deck fitted to my cockpit. What products should I use clean it ?
Our PVC boat deck is a maintenance free decking product. Marks can be cleaned off using
hot soapy water or by a high pressure washer. Scratches can be removed by light sanding
with 40 grit sandpaper.

2.Do the panels tolerate ice, snow and strong heat over the years?
Yes, our product tolerates ice, snow or strong heat and will not be damaged
if exposed to these conditions.

3.Is your synthetic teak slippery when wet?
NO, our PVC boat deck offers superb traction,
much better than non-skid patterns molded into
the fiberglass. It actually offers a little more
traction when it is wet than when it is dry.
Many of our customers have purchased our deck simply
for its non-slip properties, especially on swim platforms.

4.Does your PVC boat deck get hot in the sun?
Our deck will get warmer than a white fiberglass deck due to its darker color.
Temperatures compare to that of a real teak wood deck.
As most boaters who are used to southern summers already know,
spraying a teak deck with water will cool it down without fear of making it slippery.
The same technique works great with our PVC boat deck.

5.What is your deck made of ? Do you combine natural wood with the material ?
There is no wood content in our product. Our PVC boat deck is made of High
Grade P.V.C and contains quality pigments and U.V.stabilizers, ensuring
it keeps its appearance for decades.

6.Can I install the boat deck myself?

YES, our deck comes in various extrusions
that make it simple for the average handyman to lay a deck.
All you need is the PVC flooring glue.

7.What do I need to do to my decks before installation?
The decks need to be clean and free of any dirt, grease or wax.
A good cleaning with Acetone or Denatured alcohol usually does the trick.

8. How hard is it to make a usable template of my boat?
It is not hard at all. You just need some patience.
We prefer to use a clear Mylar or Polyester film to
trace the edges with a permanent marker. Then just roll
it up and contact us for instructions to send it to us.

9.What is the most cost effective of installing the PVC boat deck?
The most economical way is to purchase the required material and install it yourself.


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