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New Sea Marine Electronic Digital Compass Boat Caravan Truck 12V LED Light Black 
Other Information: $****
Series: BFY
Material: ABS
Color: Black/White
Model: BFYC55-1W

Item No:BFYC55-1W White new style circles compass

Product application :High precision multifunctional vehicle mounted ship compass

Product Size:86*62*74MM


The Inner Diameter:6.2cm


Material:ABS(Compass Main Part )

Product parts:Compass,Electronic LED light,Declination adjustment pick,3M Tape

Product Application:Outdoor,Car,Marine navigation ,Gift

Product Packing:PE packing,Corrugated box

brand nameNekekemoderl number:BFYC55-1W
place of orianShenzhen,China
Product nameNew Sea Marine Electronic Digital Compass Boat Caravan Truck 12V LED Light Black  and White
materialABS cast body,glass magnetic dial
with noctilucent display or not Yes
Dial DisplayDigital
size8.6 cm  x 6.2cmx7.4cm
Core diameter6.2cm
Shockproof or NotYes
Waterproof/ water-resistantYes
1.Size: 8.6*6.2*7.4cm
2.Core diameter: 6.2cm
3.Weight: 92.6g
4.Material: ABS
Purpose: outdoor travel for compass,vehicle-mounted for compass,Marine
navigational for compass,gift for compass.
Professional multi-function on-board Marine for compass.
Users can use this product with the attached tools for the for compass
deviation correction,and the for compass with the powercord can external
connect the vehicle or ship power used to supply the for compass power problem
of the lamp.
Considering the convenience and the habits for the driver,the magnetic steel is
specially adjusted in the opposite direction.
The pointing direction of the for compass is same with the way forward of the

This compass is designed for boat or watercrafts.The reading is totally opposite to
normal compass.Forexample,when you are facing NORTH while the compass is
placed in front of you,the reading shows "N" to you and "S" pointing north
direction.The reading facing you is the correct direction that you are facing,
that is "N".
Package Include:
1x for Compass
1x User Manual

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